What sizes do your coins come in?

All of our coins are 1 1/2" in diameter. That's about the size of a silver dollar. Still not sure how big that is? How about get a ruler:)

How can you offer this many designs for only 24¢ a coin?

Most companies selling standard design chocolate coins online are simply middlemen. They don’t actually manufacture their chocolate coins. That’s why everyone else offers the same 20-30 designs. We have over 20 million different combinations. We produce our own coins here at Personalized Chocolate and cut out all the middlemen.

Is it really 100% Belgian Chocolate? I’m used to these things tasting like an old candle.

We import the chocolate we use in our coins all the way from Holland. And we’re the only ones doing it. Don’t believe us? Try tasting one of our competitor’s products.

How soon will you ship my order?

All orders ship on the fifth business day after your order is received. During warm weather months, we only ship Mon-Wed so that your chocolate does not have to sit in a UPS warehouse over the weekend. So your order will ship on the fifth business day that is a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

What is the shelf-life on your chocolate coins?

Our chocolate coins remain fresh for up to one year. Do not try to get them to last longer by putting them in the refrigerator or freezer. That will just shorten the shelf-life.

How should I store my chocolate once I receive it?

Chocolate is best kept at temperatures between 63 and 74 degrees F. In most cases, an air conditioned home or office is perfect. It is also important that you store your chocolate off the floor and at least four inches away from any walls. This allows proper circulation of air around the chocolate products. It is also crucial that you avoid storing your chocolate near materials with strong odors. Chocolate absorbs any nearby odor, thus altering its flavor.

My event is in the summer…won't my chocolates melt during shipping?

We guarantee your chocolate will not melt during shipping. During summer months we use only expedited delivery services such as UPS 2nd Day Service. Your chocolates are “double packed” in a box within a box surrounded by Styrofoam insulation. We monitor temperatures nationwide daily and include frozen gel packs with your chocolates when needed at no additional charge to you.

Are your chocolate coins Kosher?

Yes, they are. Our chocolate coins carry the Kosher Dairy certification.

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